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Need an experienced group of local and long distance movers in Clarksville, Indiana? Kentuckiana Moving provides services all around the Kentuckiana areas, with our top of the line services recommended by many realtors in Clarksville, Indiana. We can really give you the comfort that you need in hiring movers. Whether its your first time hiring movers or your sixth time, Kentuckiana Moving will assist you with your move and will give you a better experience than your last. Our Clarksville Movers are professionally trained to Pack, Wrap, and load your valuables without a scratch on your walls on furniture. Most moving companies in the Kentuckiana area cannot say this. Sadly the industry is flooded with day laborers and lazy workers that are not trained and just go with the flow. Our Movers in Clarksville, In are guaranteed to give you the quality experience and excellent customer service that you deserve to get while under the stressful experience of moving. As the leaders of moving in southern Indiana (including Clarksville, Indiana) our promise to give you the most relaxed and stress relieving experience is our top priority.

  • Local Moving- Moving down the street or staying in the Clarksville, Indiana area? Our reasonable local moving prices and young professional movers are here to assist you with your residential move.
  • Long distance moving- Moving from Clarksville, Indiana to Terra Haute, In? When looking for a group of professionally trained long distance movers in southern indiana and kentuckiana, look no further than our moving & storage services. We suggest reasonable prices and many different options for getting the best price for your long distance move.
  • Office Moving- Local Office Moving can be a very difficult task for the average person. Not only local, long distance office moving can be just as difficult maybe more. Our new albany, In office movers can take the difficult task and turn it into an easy one. With many office moves under our company timeline, we can guarantee your office move will be handled efficiently and professionally.
  • Apartment Moving- Looking for apartments in New Albany, In? We understand that you do not want to move your valuables up and down your third floor Clarksville apartment. Or maybe you do not want move your piano to your 8th floor condo. Kentuckiana Moving has teamed up with many local Clarksville apartment complexes to help assist Kentuckiana with moving in/out of apartments at a discounted rate. (Ask your local apartment complex to let us know to claim your discount)
  • Piano Moving in Clarksville, In– Our professional piano movers have the essential tools and experience to move your piano. We charge a upfront flat rate with no hidden fees to give you the most reasonably priced piano move. *We do not move baby grand/grand pianos.